Matrix and Her Brood

Matrix takes a nap with her kittens, all of whom were socialized and adopted out.

Rugged Individualist

Chumley was a gentle giant – a massive feral barn cat who allowed us to grab him one morning for a quick trip to the vet for neutering. Part cat and part guard dog (no barking) he continued to defend his turf, resulting in many small scratches we had to tend to.


Adia is a beautiful calico – but something of a fraidy cat, sometime allowing herself to be chased around by her housemates. When naptime comes all is forgotten.

Documenting the cats and kittens we’ve rescued, raised, re-homed and adopted.

Photographed in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Support this project by sharing our site with your friends. Please give generously to your local shelter.

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