It doesn’t look comfortable, but it must be cozy.


Muffin was a foster. We were told she was found as a kitten living in a dumpster behind the local McDonalds.  She preferred to live outdoors except on cold winter nights. Sadly Muffin did not come home from the hunt one day this autumn.

Blue Eyes

Meet Hopi. Blue eyes.  No tail.  Hopi was born with several defects, which fortunately were either corrected or outgrown. She continues to hop around happily – half cat-like, half rabbit-like.


Originally Gremlin – due to the big ears – this self socializing feral kitten basically adopted us. Given the slightly more feminine name Gremlynn when she had her checkup and shots.


Danni is not only a soccer player, but a rare fetching cat…

Documenting the cats and kittens we’ve rescued, raised, re-homed and adopted.

Photographed in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Support this project by sharing our site with your friends. Please give generously to your local shelter.

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